Let us help answer your questions and help guide you on a course of action.

Spider Control On Homes?

No need to wash house down, we do it for you, Do not wash house down after we spray.

Dormant spray (before bloom):

Applied to trees in early spring prior to swelling and braking of buds, no added care from the customer is necessary.

Home spider control, spider & insect control on trees & shrubs:

Wait until the chemical application is dry, then you can wash the windows, but not the house. Regular rainfall or occasional water from a sprinkler will not prematurely degrade the chemical but hosing down the house will.
Note: if you have just painted your home, talk with a paint professional or your house painter to determine the length of time that particular paint needs to cure before a home spider application can be applied. The average time is approximately one (1) month after house painting.

Dry fertilizer:

At your earliest convenience, water the lawn. Water thoroughly before mowing.

Broadleaf weed control, crabgrass & clover control (with liquid fertilizer):

Wait 24-hour before watering the lawn and then make sure to water before mowing. Allow the chemical to dry a couple of hours, depending on the weather, before allowing children or pets onto the treated area(s).

What about Bed Bugs

They are here in a BIG way, They can be treated with Heat, Cold or Chemical.

Does the brown recluse live here?


But their close relative the Hobo spider does.


Yes, Moses Lake has them,Our treatments are guaranteed for 3 years form the time of application, Then $50/yr renewal is available. We will inspect the house for any recurrence and treat accordingly, At NO extra cost.


Fall is generally the best time to apply  sterilant as the chemicals used need water/snow to bind with the dirt.

Spring Sterilant, is done as early in the year as the weather allows both are guaranteed for the full year.

How long after you spray before I can water my lawn?

Broadleaf weeds need time to take in the chemical. The mode of action is affected by many elements in the weather. Watering too soon can cause the chemical to wash off the weeds and cause poor results. The ideal time is 48 hrs (2 Days) after application. If your lawn is being treated during warm weather, water lawn thoroughly before treatment.

If you still have any questions please call the Bishop Spray Service office at 509-766-2847. Or contact us here.