We can help you achieve that radiant  lawn you have always wanted.

Need help with your lawn? Let us help supplement your lawn maintenance program. We offer broadleaf weed control that kills and controls weeds in your lawn. In addition to supplementing your lawn maintenance program, we include liquid fertilizer with our weed spray to achieve a thicker, healthier, greener grass .The combination of fertilizer and herbicide helps to ward off weeds and delivers results in 1-2 weeks with an appropriate watering schedule. We can also provide an assessment of your property for harmful diseases, weeds, insects and give recommendations to help combat these annoying pests.

Pre-Application Care:

  • Do not water on the day of the application; be sure to turn automatic sprinkler systems off (all zones).
  • Do not mow the day before or day of the application

Post-Application Care:

  • Wait 36-48 hours before watering your lawn.
  • Water lawn heavily before mowing.
  • For best results, do not bag clippings for the first mowing after application.
  • Allow application to dry completely before allowing children and pets onto the treated area(s).