Bishop Spray Service provides a full spectrum of weed/pest control services.

We provide control and ongoing prevention for your residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Soil Sterilants:

Soil sterilant, or weed control is a balanced herbicide which has been designed to be applied to bare-ground areas including: gravel, parking lots, storage yards, and driveways.
This herbicide can’t be used near trees or any landscaping. It will be active in the soil for the whole growing season.
Soil sterilant should be applied prior to weed seed germination. It also must be applied at times when there is enough moisture to make the herbicide work.
At Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division, we offer soil sterilant in Oct/Nov and Feb/March. It is also offered as an entire season long guarantee service.


At Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division, we offer services
that will eliminate weeds from your lawn. We will also work with
you to determine how to achieve a healthy, thick, green lawn. We
can diagonse your lawn for any harmful diseases or insect problems.
As well as supplementing your lawn care program, we can also
use a liquid fertilizer with our weed spray. This service will help to keep weeds away as well as delivering results within 1-2 weeks.