Soil Sterilant


Soil sterilant/pre-emergent weed control is non-selective, residual herbicides designed to be applied to bare-ground areas such as:

  • gravel
  • parking lots
  • driveways
  • storage yards
  • anywhere season-long prevention is desired

This non-selective, residual herbicide cannot be used near trees, in landscaping or any other areas in which vegetation is wanted; it remains active in the soil for an entire growing season.
Soil sterilant/pre-emergent weed control must be applied to the soil prior to weed seed germination and at times when the weather will provide enough moisture to activate the herbicide.
We offer this service in October/November and February/March. We also provide this as a season-long (Spring, Summer, Fall) guarantee service; in the event a break-through occurs, we will provide a touch-up at no cost.