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 Our Services In Moses Lake, WA

At Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division, our mission is to provide the best possible quality insect, weed and pest control services to customers in Moses Lake, WA. Our staff is the most experienced and professionally trained technicians in the area.

We offer a number of services for you to chose from. Whatever the pest and weed problem we can help. From a simple ant problem to the dreaded bedbug infestation, we have the experience to get the job done. When it comes to weeds and yard sprays we are fully equipped and ready to handle your Yard and Pasture applications of weed spray.

Lawn: We do more for your lawn than just treat it for weeds. We can help keep your grass vibrant and healthy withlawn an application of fertilizer as well.

Weeds: Let us help you treat for weeds in your lawn. With so many different kinds of broadleaf weeds and sprays at the big box stores, why not let an expert handle it for you.

Home Exterior: At Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division, we offer services
that will eliminate weeds from your lawn. We will also work with
you to determine how to achieve a healthy, thick, green lawn. We
can diagnose your lawn for any harmful diseases or insect problems.
As well as supplementing your lawn care program, we can also
use a liquid fertilizer with our weed spray. This service will help to keep weeds away as well as delivering results within 1-2 weeks.

Soil Sterilants: Soil sterilant, or weed control is a balanced herbicide which has been designed to be applied to bare-ground areas including: gravel, parking lots, storage yards, and driveways.
This herbicide can’t be used near trees or any landscaping.

Pastures: Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division, will work with you to determine how to solve any pre-existing weed problems and develop solutions on how to fix the issues.  

Trees & Shrubs: Bishop Spray Service Moses Lake Division will inspect your trees and shrubs to determine the issues and then recommend the best insect control treatment for your specific issue. Our main focus is to make sure your trees and shrubs stay healthy.


Spider in the Galeodes Family

Pests: The pest in the area are numerous, to name just a few Ants,Black Widows, Bed Bugs, Cockroach, Hobo Spider, Galeodes “sun spiders” and Termites to name just a few. Some are dangerous, some are a nuisance and others are just frightening to see. Many can effect you health in a negative way, by ether causing a spreading disease like ant,bedbugs, Cockroaches, flea, ticks are prone to do, to being a serious risk of physical injury like the Black Widow or Hobo Spider. Others damage your property like Termites. So keep a sharp eye out for them and call us at the first sign, because where there is one there is more.